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Logo and link for MySwitchPort v1

Sacred Crown Productions 2.0 is a music-based website geared toward helping musicians find the right resources to make music. We have thousands of copy-right free Instrumentals for you to download. You can browse through them and download them one at a time or go to our download page and download them in them in bulk. We do not currently host any finished music, only the tools needed. We have tools like Sound packs for Fruity loops and other programs as well. 

Logo and link for Sacred Crown v2

Sacred Crown Productions v1 [Legacy] Was our first version that we created a few years back. Since then, we rebuilt it and retired this site. Later we decided to bring it out of retirement for 2 reasons. 1.) it has completely different content so we would be doubling our downloadable music inventory. 2.) Sometimes its just nice to see how far we’ve come. If we get around to building a 3rd version of Sacred Crown Productions, This site is still regularly Maintained.

Logo and link for Sacred Crown v1

This was where the Secure-IT site came from you can refer to it as Version 1.0. I guess you can say that our current version is 2.0, and hopefully, when we have time, we will add a new version to our collection. I will give you a little info. You'll notice this version wasn't even called Secure-IT or Sacred Crown Tech.  That was because The legacy version of Sacred Crown Productions was the very first site.  But take a look where we started. Thanks for all the support.

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