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The Agile Methodology

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

In college they taught us about the “Water-Fall” methodology and the “Agile”. The entire time I have been creating websites I have been using the Agile methodology long before I even knew that there was a name for it. I guess that at some point someone had to observed the difference between how different companies or people were developing products. I guess that someone just coined the term at some point.

It is weird for me to think that any invention or idea can be made and then just left as is especially if there is something that is not fully functional about what you created. Every thing I work on I am always getting ideas on how to make it better at random hours of the day or night.

Even when I finish a project and I think that it’s perfect if I step away for a time and come back to it later, I will come up with new ideas on how to improve it with or with out the feed back of others. Sometimes I can spend time comparing my work to others to get ideas. This isn’t really feedback but it helps to get ideas.

I believe that there is always room to improve upon your projects. Maybe not right now. Maybe you need to move on and start a new project and then come back to it. But a project that just ends either was a bad idea to begin with or has been replaced with a greater idea or technology

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