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New Services [Secure-IT]

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

I spend most of my time when I am not working on my websites or my mobile apps. I have never thought about making websites for a profit. Same goes for mobile apps. You might know that 1 of my websites is a tech support website. Until now I always I thought that someone would contact me to fix a computer or network issue. It had never dawned on me that I could design and create websites and mobile apps for people.

So, Tonight I added 2 new features to the site. I am not sure why I did not have these listed before. It’s pretty silly that I didn't. I have added “Websites” and Mobile Apps” to the list of things I will support on the Secure-IT website. Now there's these 2 new options. Maybe in the future I will think even more things I can add. Until then visit our site to find out more info...


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