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New "Contact" forms for all the sites !!!

Today I spent the entire day upgrading the “forms” on all of the sites where people can contact us with. On almost all of the websites we didn’t even have “real” contact forms. On a few of the websites the forms where very out of date. They looked horrible. On a few of the sites we have a lot of information everywhere but we don’t actually have a page that is called “contact”.

The new forms that I added Must have been added to WIX in the last few years. I never noticed it before. I also haven’t been checking for that feature to add to any of my websites so it has gone untouched and our forms have gotten out of date. The new forms look great. They have tons of new features and will add a very professional look to my websites.

Now that I have either updated the contact forms. Or installed them. I am thinking about deleting some of the contact information in the footer of our websites. Haven’t made up my mind yet. I will sleep on it

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