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NDrengheta Sales Lagging...

Updated: Oct 2, 2022 has been out of commission for over a year now. We brought it back online. We are able to accept to payments again. We have invested in advertising on Instagram and Facebook. So far the move has returned great results even just in the first week and a half when it comes to Instagram. We are expecting great results from the adds for Instagram but not so much for Facebook. Still to this day we are struggling to make many sales. We will have to look into this. On Facebook we are not preforming well. I have noticed that Facebook recently doesn’t have the same crowd it had a few years ago. Mostly older people and It is starting to remind of right before everyone stopped using Myspace way back in the day. I might not want to invest on Facebook. We have put in a request with to start selling our clothing on We will have to see where that takes us. That will be a whole project of its own but we are ready to make that move. Hopefully if we can start selling on Amazon that will boost our sales and gain name recognition.

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