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MySwitchPort Facebooks Profile Explodes....

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Our Facebook Profile seems to be doing great. I wasn’t expecting to see the growth when I checked on the page this morning. Since the growth has exploded, I decided to invest into it. I was extremely surprised to say the least. Now with extra advertising I am wondering how it will do in a few days. I gotta admit it gave me what I needed to continue with pursuing to invest in Facebook. I know that In my previous Blog entry I spoke about how dead Facebook has become. So I guess I was wrong at least when it comes to this profile and this latest report. I will check back in a few days maybe a week and see if this continues to trend up wards or if these numbers were just a fluke. The percentage of of growth and reach is so high i can hardly count that high with the current format. I looked at it and my first thought was something I don't want to repeat.

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