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Joining the Social Media Networks...

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

We have expanded our social media presence for a few of our sites. We have created new Facebook accounts We have created new Twitter accounts and New Instagram Accounts. So far, the process has been slow to gain followers. However, our Instagram Account for Ndrengheta Clothing seems to be doing well. We are happy about that. We have disabled all analytics on our websites and we are unable to keep track of the actual traffic we are generating. Since we have created the new Google Play Store Apps, we have been relying solely on the amount of App downloads and social media following to determine how well the move to social media has been and how it has affected the traffic to our sites. This might not be the best way to determine how much actual traffic we are generating. We might have to re think this since we have not gained many followers on our social media Accounts as well as we have not got that many downloads for our Apps and they have been available for over a month now. We will keep pushing. We will re-think our strategy. Nothing we have done up to this point has been a waste of time. We are still making progress. Maybe not as fast as we thought it would happen but it is happening.

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