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Backing up your data

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

My first website was Sacred Crown Productions v1. It was created my first quarter in college. That had to have been around 6 years ago. I have taken maybe 1 web design class in college and have learned most everything else through trial and error. During that time. I have made so many changes to that site that you would not even be to count the hours I spent on that single website.

About 6 years later. I have around 10 websites. I have lost count. Maybe 11. I think 1 is not finished yet. I have mobile apps for 9 of them I believe. And just today 9/30/2022 was my first time that I made a back up of all my sites. It is so easy to click 1 button and choose “Duplicate site” That’s about it. In 6 years, I have always just rolled with the punches. If I ever made a mistake, I would figure a way to fix it. If I couldn’t I would find a way to make it better. If I couldn’t. I would stop. Leave it as is. And start a new version.

As of today. I am fairly happy with most of the sites. A few need more work. But I finally made back ups of all the sites. The funny thing is, is that it didn’t cost me a penny. I should have been doing this for the last 6 years. Even in college they taught us in more than one class how important it is to have backups. Sometimes we are just trying to get through school that we don’t absorb what we are learning until a year or two later.

Well, everything is backed up now. I should be good to go for now. I have managed to go this long without backups. But if I did have back-ups. I might have twice as many sites by now with all the changes I have made and content I have changed or deleted over the years.

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